Spring Creek and JBS Global work hard to bring high quality, consistent and sustainable beef to the EU market. Using our integrated supply chain, we make this possible.

Our beef comes from generations of Canadian Angus heritage. It all starts with hard-working ranches and farm families, dedicated to faithfully raising only the highest quality breeds with utmost care and attention.


Spring Creek beef is bred and raised on the fertile plains of western Alberta, where grass is plenty. Following this the steers are then finished on a nutritious grain ration, consisting mainly of barley grown across the open Canadian countryside. The mixture of grass and grain gives the beef an intense, yet buttery flavour that ticks the boxes for meat lovers worldwide.

JBS Global are the sole provider of Spring Creek Canadian beef, using our integrated supply chain, we are proud to be able to offer Spring Creek products across Europe.

JBS Global supplies the European food sector from top to bottom, having the capacity to serve sole butchers and restaurants to the largest retailers and foodservice businesses in Europe. Spring Creek beef has a cut to meet the demands of all corners of the food chain. From the high end high marbling steak cuts, to the flavourful yet efficient cuts from the round and chuck. For more information please call the office in the UK, Germany or Denmark respectively.